Motivation is key focus for Rockpool Digital

Motivating its 50-strong workforce is a key objective for Bristol digital agency Rockpool, and its head of people and organisation development, Heather Newton-Lewis.

Rockpool digital

Its strategy has three main elements: autonomy, career progression, and ensuring staff can see how their role fits in with the organisation’s wider objectives.

“It’s really important to us that staff feel a level of autonomy in their work because they gain motivation from that,” says Newton-Lewis. “We don’t have any set hours, and there’s also a level of autonomy in how they work and what they work on.”

Staff also engage in 360-degree feedback in which they are peer-reviewed and given the opportunity to tackle any potential weak areas. “If they are not very good at taking risks, we might look at getting someone else in the business who is, to work with them on that,” she says. “Being the very best at everything we do is a really important concept for us, and we find that is really motivating as well.”

Making the link between an employee’s work and the wider business goals also helps motivate staff, says Newton-Lewis. “It allows people to feel valued because they can see how their role affects the greater business and how well it’s doing.”