​PeopleValue launches wellbeing portal within Advantage6 solution

This article has been supplied by our channel sponsor, PeopleValue.

PeopleValue, a leading provider of online reward and motivation solutions, has launched a specific product to support employee wellbeing as part of its industry-leading Advantage6 voluntary benefits portal.

The wellbeing solution has been launched to assist employees with three key areas of their wellbeing:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Financial

The available features further position Advantage6 as the UK’s leading voluntary benefits solution by integrating a lifestyle and wellbeing portal for the benefit of employees. The portal provides a wealth of information and services themed around an employee’s physical, emotional and financial wellbeing to help in all aspects of their work-life balance.

Mike Morgan, chief executive officer of PeopleValue, commented: ‘Advantage6 is rapidly being recognised as the most complete voluntary benefits solution available in the market today. By integrating a wellbeing portal as part of the standard solution, we have further enhanced Advantage6 to become far more than just a voluntary benefits portal.

‘Our wellbeing features mean employees can get advice and guidance on three key areas that affect the work-life balance, meaning Advantage6 is a more rounded and complete solution. By including wellbeing, we provide employers with a single one-stop shop and their employees with some valued support and advice on how to cope with the stress of a modern-day lifestyle both at home and at work.’

More information about the solution can be found here.