PeopleValue helps employees fight the cost of motoring

This article has been supplied by our channel sponsor, PeopleValue.

PeopleValue, a leading provider of motivation solutions serving companies in the UK, has delivered a unique voluntary benefit for fuel savings into the marketplace to help address the soaring costs of motoring.

With more than 30 million drivers in the UK, the cost of motoring is a major concern for most households. The cost of diesel alone rose by a staggering 20.5 per cent* over the last two years. The UK still has the second most expensive diesel in Europe and the cost of motoring now represents 11.1 per cent** of household income for a single-car family.

PeopleValue, working with the UK’s bulk fuel suppliers, is offering employees the opportunity to purchase a Fuel Card that can be used to purchase diesel or unleaded at specially negotiated rates, potentially saving up to 12p a litre. Each week a fixed price for fuel is emailed to the card user by email. Any fuel they purchase in that week is then charged at that rate, regardless of the price on the pump.

When using the service, employees are able to choose from a selection of fuel cards that most suit their needs, with each card providing different networks and benefits, meaning there is a card for every type of motorist. More information on this unique new benefit can be found here.

The service is backed up by a secure internet portal that displays statements of how much fuel has been purchased as well as a journey planner, highlighting the network of more than 2,000 filling stations where discounted fuel is available. Coupled with this, employees can download an app to their smartphone or sat-nav system, meaning they can find out where to save on the go.

Mike Morgan, chief executive officer of PeopleValue, said: ‘Our Fuel Card is a great way to address a rising cost of motoring for employees, so this is something that will benefit them all the time. The nation as a whole has felt the pinch of rising fuel costs within the last year and we now have a solution to address this.’

*RAC Report on Motoring 2012
**Office for National Statistics