Swiss Re extends incentives for energy efficiency

Swiss Re has extended its financial support for employees globally who reduce their personal carbon dioxide (CO2) footprint.

Its COyou2 programme has been extended for a period of seven years, ending in 2020 in line with the reinsurer’s current climate strategy.

The programme aims to raise awareness among Swiss Re employees about the impact their everyday lives have on the environment.

It supports employees with a subsidy when, for example, they switch to using a bicycle instead of using a car, or install energy-efficient home appliances and home infrastructure, such as insulation or heat pumps.

Swiss Re contributes up to 50% of the eligible amount and the investment per employee is capped at a locally pre-defined total expense.

Thomas Wellauer, group chief operating officer of Swiss Re, said: “More than 7,500 subsidies have been paid out to Swiss Re employees globally since it was first launched in 2007, making the COyou2 programme a success.

“This has prompted us to renew it for another seven years. We encourage our employees to take part so they can contribute individually to lower greenhouse gas emissions.”