ABP Food Group cuts costs by revamping HR and pay systems

ABP Food Group has achieved annual cost savings of £150,000 by centralising its HR and payroll processes as part of its compliance with pensions auto-enrolment.


The beef processing firm implemented a new system, provided by Advanced Business Solutions.

ABP’s previous infrastructure was no longer suitable because all of its 16 sites used different versions of three disparate payroll systems. A high level of manual intervention was required which led to processing errors and corrections.

The new scheme has been rolled out across all 16 sites in the UK and has helped cut administrative-processing time relating to more than 2,000 weekly and monthly-paid employees.

It has also allowed the organisation to comply with changing UK tax and national insurance regulations, auto-enrolment and real-time information.

ABP now stores information electronically and conducts HR and payroll processes online.

By cutting the excessive use of paper forms and manual processes, the firm has reduced payment errors, improved the accuracy of employee records and made annual cost savings of £150,000.

Robin Irvine, chief information officer at ABP Food Group, said: “We successfully completed the implementations in just two months which would not have been possible without a highly structured project management approach.

“The return on investment has been immediate through combined efficiency savings of more than £150,000 and reducing processing time by 32 hours each week.

“Moving to an integrated HR and payroll system has transformed efficiency and we no longer have to worry about compliance.

“We can now focus on developing the organisation strategically and meeting our ambitious objectives.”