Disney, Pepsi and Starbucks to take part in wellbeing event

Swarovski, Pepsi Co, The Walt Disney Company, Starbucks Coffee Company and CBS News are among more than 50 employers at Chiswick Park that will participate in a wellbeing event for staff at the beginning of February. 


The event, which is part of the business park’s Enjoy Work programme and is aimed at the 8,000 employees based at organisations within the site, is designed to help boost staff wellbeing, motivation and productivity.

The programme is designed to re-invigorate, inspire and strengthen employees’ resolve in meeting their fitness and wellbeing objectives, whether they be to exercise more, monitor their health or take out more time to relax.

The wellbeing week, which will run from 2 February, will include activities such as  yoga, massage therapy and nutritional testing, as well as seminars on subjects such as financial wellbeing.

Many of the classes and treatments on offer are already fully booked.

Employees will also be able to participate in wellbeing sessions throughout the year to help staff with their health and fitness levels on an ongoing basis.

Gemma McNeilis, head of brand at Chiswick Park, said: “Our annual survey of employees at the park has told us that over 90% of people recognise that Enjoy Work’s programmes and services enhance their performance at work.

“The types of events we offer enable employees to step away from their desks during their lunch hour and try new experiences, socialise and learn new skills, which creates a strong sense of community.

“Our wellbeing week is an opportunity to place real emphasis and focus on the health of employees at Chiswick Park. This isn’t just about physical health either.

“By providing a variety of events such as yoga, nutritional testing, massage therapy and fitness classes, we can get large groups involved and ensure that the programme has something for everyone.”