Teachers’ starting salary £3,600 higher than UK average


The average teacher earns £3,600 more per year than the average UK worker in their starting salary, according to research by teacher recruitment firm Edu Staff

Its study, which surveyed 1,000 public and private sector teachers, also found that average starting teaching salary stands at £24,783 compared to the UK average of £21,165.

The research also found:

  • The average teacher receives 65 days of holiday per year, whereas the average worker in the UK receives 25.
  • The average retirement age in the UK is 63.8, but for teachers, it is 61.
  • The average employer contribution to a teacher’s pension is 14.10%, compared to the average for staff outside the teaching industry of 6.1%.

An Edu Staff spokesperson said: ”Teaching remains one of the most crucial professions in society and, with a shortage of teachers expected due to the ongoing baby boom, it has never been more important to draw talented and ambitious individuals into the profession.

”Teachers work incredibly hard for long hours to develop the academic, emotional, and social capacities of the next generation, so there is no reason why their salaries should not reflect the magnitude of their efforts and achievements.”