Blue Apple boosts stress resilience by 10% through wellness scheme

Blue Apple restaurant-2016

Catering firm Blue Apple has achieved a 10% improvement in stress resilience among its 330 employees following the completion of a four-month wellness programme.

The initiative, provided by Super Wellness, focused on healthy eating and included presentations on digestive health, food for the brain, and eating for a healthy metabolism.

Those who took part were given monthly personal body composition checks, as well as group coaching sessions with food planning and goal setting.

Following the wellness initiative, 19% of staff reported improvements in their concentration levels and overall mood was boosted by 16%. Quality of sleep improved by 26%, and participants reported a 16% reduction in food cravings.

Brian Allanson, chief executive officer at Blue Apple, said: “As a workplace food service specialist, we feel we have a duty to our clients to provide food that is healthy as well as tasty. It’s something we take seriously, hence investing in [this programme] for the benefit of our own staff, as well as our clients.

“On a personal note, I am sure the programme has helped extend my life and hopefully I will continue to lead it in a healthier, more mindful way.”