HR professionals do not want children to choose same career

More than a quarter of HR professionals are so dissatisfied with their current role they would not want their children to do the same job.

According to Like father like son no longer:Would you want your children to follow in your career footsteps? by recruitment and talent management consultancy Hudson, almost a third (32%) of respondents said better opportunities in other professions would be better for their children, while 28% believed their children could enjoy higher earnings elsewhere and a further 23% thought their children could have a better work-life balance in another career.

Andy Rogerson, chief executive of Hudson UK, said: “Employers should take note of these findings and seek to tackle the sources of such gloom. With dark clouds on the economic horizon, employers may revert to short-term retention tactics, focusing too heavily on salaries, for example. By contrast, in many cases, improved communication and a more flexible approach can empower and liberate employees.”