HarperCollins offers digital device loans

EXCLUSIVE: HarperCollins has introduced a digital device loan scheme that enables employees to purchase an iPad, laptop or non-contractual mobile phone for their personal use.

The scheme offers the publishing firm’s 900 UK staff an interest-free loan to buy a device, capped at a maximum spend of £500. Employees then repay the loan over a 12-month period through a salary sacrifice arrangement.

The scheme is aligned with the company’s focus on moving towards a digital business.

John Athanasiou, director of people at HarperCollins, said: “If you look at our strategy of trying to upskill people in the digital space, it is allowing employees to explore it in their own time. The whole [transformation] going on in publishing is about technological changes.”

Since the scheme was launched in May, 35 employees have applied to take up loans. It will be open to staff throughout the year.

The idea for the scheme arose from discussions in HarperCollins’ employee forum, which meets quarterly.

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