Police pensions could be cut for misconduct

Police officers who commit serious misconduct should have their pensions cut, according to a group of MPs.

The Home Affairs Select Committee has called for the College of Policing to establish a scale of fines, which could be docked from officers’ pensions in cases of the most grave misconduct.

Its Leadership and standards in the police report also raised concerns about changes to serving officer’s pay, which it felt may undermine future confidence in the police pay system and could be detrimental to the future financial plans of officers and police morale.

The report also recommended that the College of Policing, in collaboration with the Police Remuneration Review body, should set out a clear link between police pay and skills. 

A spokesperson from the Police Federation of England and Wales said: “Integrity in policing is paramount, but knee-jerk reaction to historic cases and those involving an extremely small minority of the 134,000 officers who police this country with absolute commitment, should not dictate future policy making.

“We look forward to expanding our concerns on this in the full consultation process that must follow.”