85% of salary sacrifice drivers want more communication

Around 85% of respondents would be open to further communications about their salary sacrifice car scheme, according to research by Zenith.


Its research, which surveyed 327 eligible salary sacrifice car scheme drivers, found that take up of the scheme varies considerably, depending on the level of communication permitted, from around 15% where communication channels are readily available, to 2% where they are not.

Andrew Kirby, commercial director, employee benefits schemes at Zenith, said: “Employers need to carefully consider their ability to communicate benefits prior to implementing them.

“If they are not able to facilitate a comprehensive communications strategy, engagement in the reward will be severely impacted.

“Organisations can be concerned that they are over-communicating benefits. However, interest and take up has been shown to rise significantly where a more open approach is taken.

“It is crucial that a strong partnership is built between the employer and its salary sacrifice provider, and that communication channels are opened up.”