72% offer optional car cash allowance

Almost three-quarters (72%) of employers offer an optional cash allowance as an alternative to employees taking a company car, according to the Employee Benefits/Alphabet Fleet research 2015.

Just 13% do not offer a cash allowance, while 15% offer this on a compulsory basis.

The reasoning behind this is to give staff more choice, according to the majority of respondents (71%). Reducing the number of cars in the fleet and cutting costs are also key objectives, according to 38% and 24% of respondents, respectively.

A fifth (21%) of respondents offer the cash allowance to all staff, while 63% say it is available only for status or perk drivers.

However, perk drivers are something of a rarity, as 33% of respondents cited that they have less than 10% in their organisation.

offering cash allowance
Perk drivers