82% have a staff travel policy

Staff expenses is the most common component of a staff travel policy, according to 88% of respondents to the Employee Benefits/Alphabet Fleet research 2015.

The other top elements included in a policy include air travel (87%), train fares (85%) and hotel costs (85%).

Operating a staff travel policy is a common arrangement for the majority of respondents, as demonstrated by the 82% that do so.

In just under two-thirds (61%) of respondents’ organisations, it is the responsibility of the human resources department to look after staff travel. In 15% of organisations, responsibility lies with the benefits or reward team, while in just 3% this responsibility sits with the fleet department.

Almost half of respondents (46%) plan work schedules around business trips, so must consider issues such as time and cost efficiencies, as well as driver safety.

The majority (85%) of respondents said that, where possible, they use alternatives to driving when planning business trips, for example train travel or teleconferencing. Another important factor for 79% of respondents is minimising time spent on the road, ensuring sufficient breaks are scheduled in for drivers.

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