Hertfordshire County Council introduces health screening

EXCLUSIVE: Hertfordshire County Council has introduced salary sacrifice health screening for its 8,500 employees.

Hertfordshire County Council

The scheme was launched in June 2015 and is available through the council’s current reward package, Herts Rewards.

Offered as a voluntary employee benefit through Bluecrest Wellness, the health screening will enable employees to access a range of screening options that are not currently available on the NHS, including cancer screening.

Employees that opt for the service will receive a personal health report and a follow-up procedure should further treatment or diagnosis be required.

Rachel Wiles, HR officer, pay and reward at Hertfordshire County Council, said: “This is the first time we have offered health screening as part of our current reward package and we are confident this new offer will support our ongoing promotion and support of wellbeing across our diverse workforce.

“It is important for the council that we can enable staff to tailor their benefits programme to suit their needs and lifestyle, and by offering health screening in this way we can ensure that employees who wish to access health screening, can do.”