University of Lincoln rewards staff with retail credit

University of Lincoln

EXCLUSIVE: The University of Lincoln has rewarded its more than 2,000 employees through an online recognition scheme to thank them for their contribution to the organisation’s success over the course of the year.

It has awarded employees with £40 worth of credit, which they can use to claim vouchers from a number of retailers.  

Students that have represented the university as staff are also being rewarded through the scheme. 

The credit is awarded to recipients through a bespoke website that has been created for the university’s employees. 

The university also used the website to send an individual thank-you message to staff from its vice chancellor.

Ian Hodson, reward and benefits manager at the University of Lincoln, said: “By doing this we are embedding the fact we reward all staff from all levels and departments for their continuing efforts and contribution to the success of the university.

”The scheme is built around our values and the reward supports employees that have worked hard to continue our efforts to move up the university league tables.”

Rosie Damarell, reward and benefits administrator at the University of Lincoln, added: “We often hear that people are glad to be appreciated and this reward also shows that we appreciate them.

“It is a way of showing our gratitude to employees and saying thank you for their contribution throughout the year.”