Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust launches salary sacrifice car scheme

The Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust has launched a salary sacrifice car scheme.

The scheme, provided by Tusker, is open to the trust’s permanent employees as part of its flexible benefits package.

It will also be available to around 5,000 staff at the Royal Cornwall Hospital NHS Trust as part of an agreement with the Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

The trust is currently winding down its existing car lease scheme due to the costs involved and wanted an alternative system that provided the option of wider car ownership to all staff. It has also set a cap of 150g/km on carbon emissions for all cars under the scheme.

Mark Eades, associate director of HR at Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We hope that our staff will be sufficiently encouraged by all the benefits and savings available in the scheme, including a high proportion of those that are currently on our lease car scheme.”

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