Luton Borough Council supports staff through the pledge

Luton Borough Council has pledged to improve the general health of its 3,000 employees by offering several health initiatives, including offering help to quit smoking and signing up to the Department of Health’s Public Health Responsibility Deal (PHRD) in 2013.


The council started to implement a number of initiatives to boost its workforce’s wellness in 2012, such as: health checks with referrals to specialist support for weight loss and improved physical activity, training for staff around managing employee sickness and supporting returns to work, mental health first-aid courses, monthly challenges to walk to work and guided lunchtime walks and a rapid physiotherapy service.

The council aims to improve the productivity of its workers and help them feel part of the organisation. 

Gerry Taylor, director of public health at Luton Borough Council, said: “Luton Borough Council firmly believes that a healthier and motivated workforce is a happier and more productive workforce. 

“With ongoing pressure on local authorities, our responsibility for the health of our population, and the need to save money, we have introduced a variety of the new measures focusing on supporting and improving the health of our staff.

“Looking ahead, we are updating our employee wellness plan this month with more focus on preventing cancer, physical activity for everyone, healthy eating and behavioural change towards mental wellbeing with training, briefings, activities and challenges.

“We know our workforce is our most valuable asset, and we want to help them to feel as healthy, happy and energised as we possibly can.”