PGA launches free payroll giving ‘donor passport’ system

A British fundraising organisation has launched an online ‘donor passport’ system, designed to reconnect charities with lapsed donors and boost take-up of its payroll giving scheme.

Payroll Giving in Action (PGA)’s free Payroll Giving Portal provides a portable digital management system for employers, charities and donors.

Donors are provided with a permanent online identification, which allows them to amend or change their donation arrangements at any time, check historical donations and receive updates from their chosen charities.

The launch of the paper-free system follows The Institute of Fundraising’s call on the government to create an online payroll giving portal to simplify and increase the portability of the scheme.

Jeremy Colwill (pictured), founder and director of PGA, said: “One of the big issues faced in the payroll giving sector is the disconnect that occurs between donor, employer and charity.

“This can occur when a donor leaves one job for another and does not remember to set up a new pledge through their new employer.

“The information trail grinds to a halt and there’s no way for the charity to get in touch again to prompt them.

“It also happens with new donors, as submitting paper forms can result in a lag of up to a month before charity deductions are set up between the payroll department and charity.