Benefits for Bob the security robot


Something for the weekend…

Security guards could be given a new protection benefit in the form of an autonomous robot.

Security firm G4S is helping its guards by employing Bob the robot to support the team during its patrols.

Bob’s responsibilities include gathering information about the environment to detect movement, checking that doors are closed and ensuring that desks are clear.

The guards will not have to worry about their job security, though. Bob is only being tested for three weeks by a research team from the University of Birmingham.

So what about Bob’s employee benefits?

G4S might want to consider offering Bob group risk benefits to cover illness or death in service if he experiences a dead battery. Or some form of healthcare to keep him fit for the job.

David Ella, vice president of G4S Technology, said: “Bob is not about replacing our security officers. Bob is a complementary activity.

“He can pick up on some of the low-level activities the guard does not necessarily need to be involved in.”