Do not miss Employee Benefits Wired: Post-Election Pensions Update

Do not miss Employee Benefits Wired: Post-Election Pensions Update, in association with Wealth at Work, which will stream live on 15 June at 11am via EBTV. 

EB post-election special

Key issues to be discussed during the session include pension freedoms, auto-enrolment, pensions tax relief, contribution rates, and what impact a Conservative government might have on pensions.

The webinar will bring together a panel of experts including Debbie Lovewell-Tuck, editor of Employee Benefits, Chris Curry, director at the Pensions Policy Institute, Tim Middleton, technical lead at the Pensions Management Institute, and Jonathan Watts-Lay, director at Wealth at Work.

Curry believes that the government will encourage employers and employees to increase their pension contributions with incentives.

Middleton, however, thinks that the government will potentially alter policy to identify ways of restricting tax relief on pension contributions, as well as possibly continuing with reforms to public sector pensions.

The interactive panel session will cover all employers need to know about the impact of the new government’s policies on their organisation’s pension strategy.

Viewers can submit questions to the panel by tweeting using #EBWired. 

Tune in live to EBTV on at 11am on 15 June.

More information on the panel debate can be found here.