The office that combats mental and physical stress

Something for the weekend… 


Mental wellbeing and physical wellbeing is the hot topic in the HR world and employers continuously strive to give their staff best-in-class benefits to help in every way possible.

Much has been said about how the design of a workplace can address such issues, but one organisation in Australia has taken its workplace design to the next level.

Health insurer Medibank has created 26 different working environments in its new Melbourne offices (pictured).

From indoor quiet rooms to Wi-Fi enabled balconies that foster comfort and productivity, even the lighting matches employees’ biorhythms, and plants in the building are meant to help improve air quality and reduce stress.

But it is more than just an office, it has even been described as being ‘hard-wired for health’. Employees can have a vigorous workout up the building’s flight of stairs or make use of the multipurpose sports court located on the office’s ground level during the day.

Now how about that for an employer’s efforts to combat mental and physical wellbeing?