32% use group risk benefits to attract and retain staff

Katherine Moxham

Just under a third (32%) of employer respondents use group risk benefits to attract and retain key members of staff, according to research by industry body Group Risk Development (Grid).

Its Group risk annual employer research report, which surveyed 501 UK organisations with between five and 1,000 employees, also found that only 16% of employer respondents make a point of providing regular communications about their benefits package.

The research also found:

  • 30% of respondents detail group risk protection benefits in their employee benefit statements.
  • 21% of employer respondents see group risk benefits as a major selling point at interviews.
  • 38% of respondents clearly lay out group risk protection benefits on their intranet or staff handbook.
  • 12% of employer respondents make a point of not actively communicate their group risk benefits to ensure they are not abused.

Katharine Moxham (pictured), spokesperson at Grid, said: “When staff need practical support, if diagnosed with a critical illness, or are unable to work through ill-health or injury, for example, then these benefits come into their own. It is imperative that employers understand how best to use group risk benefits and the supporting services that come along with them so they can let their staff know how to access them when needed.”