Case study: Kingfisher share scheme promotes teamwork

In December 2011, about 2,000 employees at B&Q and Screwfix found themselves with a bit of extra cash before Christmas, after a three-year sharesave scheme reached maturity.

The scheme paid out a total of £13.8 million – a gain of £7.4 million – with employees making an average of £3,516.

Louise Bentham, group reward director at parent company Kingfisher, says: “It worked out at about 35% annual compound growth over the three years.”

For the company, a major benefit of the scheme was the ability to align employees under its various divisions to the wider Kingfisher brand. Kay Ballard, share plans manager at Kingfisher, says: “In the last year in particular, the group introduced a new ethos to help people understand they are all part of a bigger team using the OneTeam logo.

“All of our publications that go out regarding the sharesave scheme and our share incentive plan have this branding all the way through them, and the Kingfisher logo at the top. Everyone is starting to think in a team way.”

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