Case study: Law firm D Young maintains work-life balance

D Young recognises the importance of work-life balance. For this reason, it does not provide workplace sleeping pods for staff. Jennifer Mead, HR manager at the law firm, says: “Even though we are a law firm, we would not encourage people to sleep at work. We would rather they go home.”

Mead says there will always be one or two employees who are cynical about the benefits on offer, but it is important to communicate regularly with staff, promoting the benefits available to them in a continuous way.

“We have a very good work-life balance,” she says. “But even with a benefits package that includes a pension, private medical insurance, dental and health assessments, there will always be someone that does not see the benefit.”

D Young also provides seating facilities for employees to use for lunch, but does not offer free meals. Mead adds: “We try to encourage staff to eat away from work. We would not want to bring anything in that went against that.”

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