EXCLUSIVE: Carlsberg focuses health and wellbeing initiatives

Carlsberg is introducing a number of health and wellbeing initiatives to address issues it has identified among its workforce.

These include walking and running routes around its sites. The brewer has also agreed a healthy-eating programme, including promotions on key healthy foods; developed a functional nutrition wheel with provider Cigna to help staff assess their calorie needs based on their job function; and spent £860,000 on improving its onsite facilities, so staff have access to good rest areas and better food areas.

Carlsberg decided to concentrate its initiatives on nutrition, hydration and exercise after data collected during wellbeing days in November 2010 and 2011, using machines provided by Water WellPoint, highlighted blood pressure, hydration and body fat measures as key areas for concern.

Julian Daley, rewards manager at Carlsberg, said: “We strongly believe that having healthier employees has an impact on engagement and productivity.”

A key focus for its exercise campaign is the Euro 2012 football tournament, of which Carlsberg is a key sponsor.

“We are keeping a link between the business, marketing [activities] and employee wellbeing,” Daley added.

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