Music lessons hit the right note with employees

Employers can ensure their employees hit the right note by providing them with music lessons at work.

Keynote Team Building aims to provide organisations with teambuilding and communication skills guidance through music.

Musicians Stuart Bulsara and Amy Lorne set up the firm after struggling to find a rewarding career after leaving university. The pair have both played instruments since the age of eight, with Stuart starting on the drums and Amy on the clarinet.

Bulsara said: “By the end of each session, employees are able to perform as a band. In fact, we can usually get them playing something tuneful individually almost straight away.

“The sessions encourage leadership, communication and positive interaction from all those taking part.

“In a team, if one employee is not fully engaged then the overall output will not be the team’s full potential. This can be related to the band experience as well, because if a band member fails to follow others then the output (the song) will not sound as good as it could be.”

Let’s hope participating employees are not out of tune with their colleagues.

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