1 office romance, 12 pay rises, 125 sick days

And now something for the weekend…

The average adult’s professional life consists of six jobs, 12 pay rises and one office romance, according to research by healthcare provider Benenden Health.

The Working life survey also revealed that the average person will experience 125 sick days, turn up late for work 188 times and brave 10 job interviews. Employees will have 875 grumbles about other colleagues or the boss, and three major bust-ups during their career.

Other findings include:

  • Engineering workers get the most pay rises over the course of their career with 10 boosts along the way.
  • Workers in the hospitality sector get the fewest pay rises with an average of five in total.
  • Those working in the culture and sport sector are not only the most likely to have an office romance, they also take off the most sick days.
  • Here in the EB offices we were not surpised to see that a career in media and publishing is most likely to impact on family life and personal relationships.

It’s all worth it, though. Just imagine all those Mediterranean cruises and holidays abroad come retirement, not to mention the odd office romance thrown in along the way.