Jedi training to boost fitness levels

Something for the weekend…

A new force has been unleashed on the healthcare and wellbeing world.

A martial arts instructor in the United States has created Jedi warrior combat exercise classes.

Alain Bloch, of San Francisco Bay Area group the Golden Gate Knights, is hoping that everyone picks up a lightsabre and exercises.

His class members have been enthralled by their sc-fi fitness experiences and the programme could even help to keep the dark side at bay.  

During the classes participants are:

  • Taught how to do fancy lightsabre flourishes and spins, including forward and reverse spins, inverted grips, and figures of eight.
  • Learn the Novastar and Caine’s Sabre Combat System (NCSCS).
  • Learn film and stage techniques as well as internal and external meditation methods.

So, if employees need their motivation boosted to Death Star-like levels, Jedi training could be for them.