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Charity ShareAction published a league table at the end of January, which ranked the UK’s workplace pension schemes for responsible investment. The BBC and BT were at the top of the table, while Barclays, GlaxoSmithKline and Rolls-Royce were given the lowest scores.

”It is incredible that many major pension schemes still do not recognise good member communication as essential. Employers have a responsibility to ensure that members are actively engaged with their retirement savings and sharing information on investment is a fundamental part of that.

They must take time to understand existing levels of knowledge among their members and respond by producing fresh, interesting communication that is relevant and appropriate.

If nothing else, you’d think these large organisations would be more switched-on to the business benefits of an engaged workforce and would take the challenge of pension communication as an opportunity to involve and inform their employees.”

– Alex Thurley-Ratcliff, innovation and business development, Shilling