Life Planning Association launched

A new national professional body has been launched to support employers and employees in life and retirement planning


The Life Planning Association has been formed because of the current challenging circumstances of an ageing population, changes in pension schemes, state benefit reforms and longer working lives.

It will aim to influence government, support employers and work collaboratively with other professionals to create appropriate ways of managing work-life transitions and work-retirement transitions.

The professional body will also encourage the development of life planning across the whole life course so that planning takes place at different stages and ages.

Pat Cattley, chair of the Life Planning Association, said: “We are at a critical stage in society and life planning has never been more relevant to individuals.

“We want to work with all professionals working in life planning, and other professional bodies, so that we can have maximum influence on the quality and standard of provision. 

“The Life Planning Association will provide qualifications and regular updating on best practice to its members.”

Wladek Koch, director of the Life Planning Association, added: “Pensions are important as a potential source of income in retirement; however, life involves much more than just pensions.

“We need to ensure these other factors are treated with equal importance in planning, including the ability to ‘remain on the field of play’ to sustain or improve remuneration until eventual retirement.”