Coutts banks on wellbeing pilot for boost in employee engagement

Coutts bank and Direct Channels, both part of the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), have launched health and wellbeing pilots to help boost employee engagement and productivity.

The 2,300 employees involved in the pilot are taking part in a range of initiatives, including health fairs where staff can have their blood pressure and body mass index measured. Employees have also been encouraged to take part in an online health and wellbeing assessment.

Jacinta Negri, manager of health and wellbeing at RBS, which is co-ordinating the pilot, said: "We are providing individuals with the opportunity to undertake a range of online health risk assessments on key health areas such as sleep, strength and resilience, nutrition, exercise and musculo-skeletal health.

"Our wellbeing pilots are about enabling our people to engage in changing their health behaviours, positively affecting their lives inside and outside the office."

Both organisations are also running a hydration programme to encourage staff to drink more water. Those involved have been provided with water bottles and new vending machines have been installed to allow people to fill these up.

The pilot group will also soon be issued with pedometers to encourage more physical activity. And lunchtime Weight Watchers meetings will be introduced for the 800 employees taking part from Coutts.

"In August, we will be in a position to look at the return on investment, absence, turnover, productivity and the impact on engagement of our people and make a decision about extending the pilot to other parts of the RBS group," added Negri.