Globoforce adds to employee recognition scheme

Globoforce has introduced real-time measurement capabilities to its employee recognition offerings. 

The new services, Recognition Benchmark Index and Recognition Intelligence, provide employers with benchmarks and business intelligence.

The Recognition Benchmark Index is based on a set of data points and best practices from nearly two million Globoforce users across multiple industries globally.

By examining a set of 10 tenets, including participation rates, communication programmes, executive sponsorship and strategic alignment, employers can compare their programme against the success measurements from other organisations.

Recognition Intelligence offers employers an interactive platform to measure the effectiveness of a unified recognition programme in real-time.

It provides instant data through a graphical dashboard used by HR leaders to drive performance management, and monitor the impact of culture and recognition across global organisations.

Eric Mosley, chief executive officer of Globoforce, said: “In today’s competitive marketplace, return on investment (ROI) and measurement are not just buzz words; they are what separates the winning organisations from the rest.

“With these new offerings, Globoforce is transforming recognition from a ‘nice-to-have’ tool in the HR arsenal to a ‘must-have’ driver of culture and engagement.”

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