Jill Cunnison: Judging Employee Benefits Awards was stimulating

Judging the Employee Benefits Awards for the first time was both a thought-provoking and enjoyable experience.

The process began with reading in detail the entries and supporting documents that spanned numerous organisations of different sizes and complexity.

As you may expect, many of the entries showcased innovative and leading-edge ideas, and a whole raft of supporting evidence was provided, from videos to photographs to literature given to employees.

As a previous award entrant, I fully appreciated the challenge of displaying work in fewer than 1,000 words (it is no mean feat), so I really benefited from reviewing the many other documents submitted.

As well as the privilege of reading these entries, meeting fellow judges was a highlight and I really enjoyed debating who the stars of 2013 truly were.

The whole lead-up to the Employee Benefits Awards 2013 has been really insightful.

Jill Cunnison is senior HR manager at Capital OneĀ 

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