Emirates staff receive bonus worth nine weeks’ pay

Emirates has awarded its 84,000 staff globally a bonus payment worth nine-weeks’ pay as part of its profit share scheme, after the airline posted its second ever highest annual profit.

Emirates Manchester-9 week bonus

The Emirates Group operates a profit share scheme based upon the profit results of the business for the financial year. 

On Friday 8 May, Emirates announced a $1.5 billion (approximately  £97 million) profit in its 2014-15 annual report. This was a rise of 34% year on year. 

Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, chairman and chief executive of Emirates Airline and Group, said:“2014-15 was a turbulent year for aviation. The fall in oil prices provided cost relief in the second half of our financial year, however, it did not offset the hit to our profitability caused by significant currency fluctuations, nor the hit to our revenue from operational adjustments in addressing the Ebola outbreak, armed conflicts in several regions, and the 80-day runway upgrading works at Dubai International airport.

‘Achieving our 27th consecutive year of profit and one of our best performances to date, is testimony to the strength of our brands and business fundamentals, as well as the dedication and talent of our workforce.”