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Post-Election Special: Pensions Update

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Monday 15th June, 11.00am to 11.30am

Employee Benefits Wired is delighted to announce that it is now opening up the Post-Election Special Briefing to the entire Employee Benefits audience – and it won’t cost you a penny!

The Post-Election Special: Pensions Update , in association with Wealth at Work , will discuss and debate with an expert panel the reforms the new Conservative government could potentially make in this key area of policy.

The panel debate followed by Q&A will be around 30 minutes long.

The Pensions Update will host an expert panel including;

  • Tim Middleton, Technical Lead, The Pensions Management Institute
  • Chris Curry, Director, Pensions Policy Institute
  • Jonathan Watts-Lay, Director, Wealth at Work
  • Debbie Lovewell-Tuck, Editor, Employee Benefits

The interactive panel session will cover what you need to know now about the impact of the new Government’s policies on your organisation’s pension strategy.

Please click here on Monday 15th June at 11.00am to listen to the debate and you will:

  • Enhance your awareness of upcoming policy changes and how they will affect your organisation
  • Gain knowledge of what your organisation may need to do to ensure compliance with pending Government reforms
  • Get insight into boosting organisational resilience and how to answer employee questions
  • Get answers to your most pressing questions

What is Employee Benefits Wired?

Employee Benefits Wired is an online panel discussion that you can watch from the convenience of your own desk. Although you will be able to see and hear our presenters and panellists, they won’t be able to see or hear you.

You’ll be able to send in questions throughout the broadcast for the presenters to answer or pose to the panel. Simply tweet us using #EBWired

It’s easy to join us… It’s easy to watch and learn…

Watching Employee Benefits Wired is just one click away. You’ll need a good internet connection and headphones to avoid interrupting your colleagues.

Open the page a few minutes early so that you can get comfortable before the session starts.

Employee Benefits Wired “Post Election Special: Pensions Update” in association with Wealth at Work will stream live here on Monday 15th June at 11.00am to 11.30am here.

We look forward to you joining us!