Employers not communicating auto-enrolment

Only 4% of respondents who do not currently have a pension have had their employer discuss auto-enrolment with them, according to research by Canada Life.

Its research, which surveyed 1,635 UK workers, found that 96% of respondents who do not already have a pension have not had the change discussed with them at work.

However, 69% of respondents said they were aware of auto-enrolment. Of these, just under a third (31%) have seen television adverts and 22% have read about the changes.

The report also found:

  • 28% of respondents said they think auto-enrolment is a good idea to encourage people to save for retirement.
  • 18% of respondents plan to opt out, because they have an existing pension (11%) or do not think they will be able to afford it (7%).
  • 6% of respondents said they expect to be encouraged by their employer to pay into the state workplace pension scheme.

Paul Avis, sales and marketing director at Canada Life Group Insurance, said: “It is disappointing that so many employers are not discussing auto-enrolment with their staff, particularly because those who do not currently have a pension are ideal candidates for [auto-enrolment].

“With auto-enrolment currently being phased in and workplace pensions soon to be a legal requirement, now is the ideal time to communicate with staff and discuss how they can start saving for their retirement.”