Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust offers workplace nurseries

Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust (BSUH) runs an emergency childcare scheme as part of its general childcare provision.

The trust operates two nurseries for its main sites in Brighton and Haywards Heath. These operate 10 hours a day, five days a week, covering early starts and late finishes.

The nurseries offer long-term childcare, but also provide short-term emergency cover for incidents such as a breakdown in an employee’s local childcare arrangements, severe weather conditions, and for new starters who have yet to make permanent childcare arrangements.

Nursery fees are directly proportionate to an employee’s salary band, so the less an employee earns, the less they pay. The trust has published a matrix so staff can work out what fee they will pay.

Graham White, HR director at BSUH, says childcare provision is one of the trust’s most popular benefits. “Our nurseries remain almost perpetually full,” he says. “Many staff even keep links to the nurseries after their children have grown up.”