Commuting by trampoline

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Tube train

Squeezing onto a cramped Tube train or bus, or sitting in heavy traffic are not the most enjoyable ways to get to or from the office, but soon, commuters may be able to travel to work using the world’s longest urban trampoline.

Plans have been unveiled to create the world’s biggest open-air trampoline along a street in central London.

The project is part of London Mayor Boris Johnson’s Future Streets Incubator initiative and is the brainchild of charity Architecture for Humanity.

The bounce-to-work route is backed by Transport for London (TFL).

A TFL spokesperson said: “This iconic and inclusive new public space in the heart of London will boost fitness and fun, and provide a novel form of transport where the journey is the main event.

“The trial will be part-funded by a crowdfunding campaign set to launch in late 2014.”  

As an added bonus, all that bouncing around could also boost employees’ fitness levels.