Electric-shock headset could boost productivity


Something for the weekend… 

If an employee is feeling low, unproductive and tired, finding ways to boost energy levels can be hard to come by.

Caffeine intake could well be the easy solution for some employees, while an employer’s motivation strategy could also go someway to help.

But imagine the power of introducing a device that can change a person’s mood at the touch of a button. It could be a godsend for employers.

Scientists at Arizona State University and start-up Thync have developed a headset that uses electrical impulses to alter moods using a smartphone, which can then produce a short-lived energising effect and a calm feeling.

This works by giving a mild shock behind the ears for an energising effect, and on the temple and the back of the neck to produce a relaxing effect.

The product is likely to go on sale next year.

Employers will just need to ensure that staff use the device for the right reasons and not to enter a permanently relaxed state.