The octopus on a €60,000 salary


Something for the weekend…

A low-ranking civil servant in Spain has caused outrage in the country after dressing up as an octopus helped him to pocket a €60,000 annual (£45,000) salary

Carlos Javier Carpio Arenas, who is best known for dressing up as an octopus at a political rally for the Madrid Socialist Party, should earn a salary of just €15,000 a year in his role as a city maintenance coordinator in the small town of Parla.

But so-called productivity-related bonuses have helped to top up his pay packet, meaning he now earns three times more than the average salary in the country, which has a minimum wage of €700 a month.

However, the socialist octopus is outdone by the town mayor’s chauffeur, who earns over €64,000 a year despite his basic salary being €11,040.

Employee Benefits wonders what he has to do to earn such a large amount in bonuses.