EXCLUSIVE: Mayer Brown rolls out emergency care plan in National Work-Life Week

Law firm Mayer Brown has introduced an emergency care scheme as part of a range of benefits events held during National Work-Life Week, from 26-30 September.

The scheme includes emergency childcare, holiday care and care for dependent adults. In its first week, 5% of the firm’s nearly 600 employees signed up for the scheme.

Katherine Hallam, diversity manager at Mayer Brown, said: “The reason why we did it is around staff engagement, and also recognising, as a good employer, that employees do have challenges outside of work and we want to make juggling work and life as easy as possible.”

Mayer Brown did a soft-launch email in the middle of September and then, during National Work-Life Week, handed out branded information cards and hosted a carers’ day with provider My Family Care offering information in the staff restaurant.

The week also included a health and wellbeing day, corporate social responsibility (CSR) day, and onsite complementary massages.

On the health and wellbeing day, English rugby star Ben Kay, who played in the 2003 and 2007 World Cups, spoke about his experiences. There were also stands focusing on the firm’s various health and wellbeing initiatives, such as gym membership, blood donation and healthy eating options.

On the CSR day, a variety of organisations from the firm’s pro-bono programme and local community partnerships came in to speak to staff and highlight the various volunteering opportunities available.

Meanwhile, during the complementary onsite massage day, employees could book a session of hand, neck and shoulder, or Reiki massage.

What did you offer staff during National Work-Life Week?

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