Employer funds holidays to boost engagement

Summer holiday

Something for the weekend…

Sitting in a dull office all day could well lead to employees becoming uninspired, demotivated and in need of a holiday.

In these cases, perhaps the best way to boost creativity is to spend some time away from work.

Thinkparallax, an 11-person strong creative agency based in Sourthern California appears to agree, giving each employee a $1,500 travel budget for them to go somewhere in the world they have not been before.

So far, employees have visited Holland, Germany, Peru and New Zealand.

This is all part of the organisation’s goal to ensure employees remain happy and provide them with experiences that allow them to create exceptional work.

The organisation is not alone in offering such bonuses. For example, Airbnb gives employees a $2,000 travel credit card (to stay at Airbnb sites of course).

The end results of such enticements? Well it certainly takes employee engagement to new heights (well, as seen from a plane window).