Uber offers purr-fect wellbeing booster

two kittensSomething for the weekend…

This week employees in North America have had the opportunity to take advantage of a warm and furry measure to combat stress and boost wellbeing in the workplace.

To celebrate National Cat Day on 29 October, taxi firm Uber ran an UberKITTENS initiative for workers across 50 cities.

For a $30 ’snuggle fee’, employees could use Uber’s app to request to spend 15 minutes with the kittens at their offices.

The initiative aimed to support local animal shelters and to encourage workers to adopt kittens looking for a home.

Uber offered a few tips for those looking to their tiny feline friends to brighten their working day, suggesting that a dedicated room or enclosed space be found to play with the kittens in, and urging employees to check that their boss is ‘cool with the meows’ and that no colleagues are allergic to cats.

The firm expected a large volume of requests, noting: ‘Demand will be high as many will want to test the kittens’ skills (they are excellent paper shredders).’

At Employee Benefits, we are awaiting the day that Uber extends this scheme to London…