CNH Industrial keeps communication simple


CNH Industrial aims to keep communication for its 71,192 staff as simple as possible, to avoid overcomplicating its employee benefits.

The agricultural and construction manufacturer held focus groups for employees prior to its September 2013 merger with Fiat Industrial and CNH Global to ensure employees were involved with the design process and implementation of a consolidated benefits proposition.

Its vice president of compensation and benefits, Rob Gerdes, says: “If a benefits concept is complex, employers could map it out into a picture so it’s easier to understand.”

Many of CNH Industrial’s workers do not speak English as their first language, which makes having a visual benefits brand imperative. Gerdes says: “As we have such a global [workforce], we use a lot of pictures to describe and explain benefits so things don’t need to be translated so much.

“We have a very careful balance between the various shades and levels of technical employee benefits language, and simplifying it too much. Good branding gets the message across quicker.

“Overcomplicating should always be avoided and communication should be succinct.”

CNH Industrial categorises its employee benefits and themes them around concepts all its staff can easily understand. For instance, it uses a cog as one of its main symbols for benefits branding to represent employees achieving as they earn.