National minimum wage increases

The national minimum wage has increased by 12p to £6.31 an hour for adults on 1 October.

The rise follows recommendations made by the Low Pay Commission in April 2013.

Other changes include:

  • Employees aged between 18 and 20 years will see a 5p rise, from £4.98 to £5.03.
  • Employees under the age of 18 will see a 4p rise, from £3.68 to £3.72.
  • The rate for apprentices will rise from £2.65 to £2.68.

Hollie Ryan, associate in employment at law firm Charles Russell, said: “As economic recovery begins to emerge, trade unions have expressed a need for further increases, to bring employee wages into line with inflation and afford them a share of economic growth, although the new rates could add further anguish to those organisations already struggling in these financially challenging times.

“The rates will, no doubt, fuel further debate among politicians as the suggestion of a living wage surfaces once again.”