Finance professionals are working longer hours

More than half (53%) of finance professionals in the UK admit that they have increased their working hours in the last two years.

A similar proportion (52%) of finance professionals globally have put in more time over the last two years. The two most popular reasons for this increase in working hours are taking on more responsibility and company growth.

However, the United Kingdom ranks 13th out of 17 countries polled in terms of the average number of hours worked each week by finance professionals, according to the Working Hours: A Global Comparison released by financial recruitment firm, Robert Half.

Finance professionals in the UK work 42.1 hours per week, just 18 minutes less than the global average of 42.4 hours week.

It also shows that 10% of financial professionals in the UK say that they work every weekend while 31% claim to work one weekend per month.

In addition 31% of finance professionals in the UK take their laptop or PDA on holiday with them and 11% feel unable to relax if they are out of touch with their office.