Coors extends cash allowance

Coors Brewers has decided to extend the option of a cash allowance to its job-need drivers to increase the amount of flexibility available to them, following a review of its car policy.

In the past, job-need drivers have been confined to a contract hire scheme with the cash option only being extended to line managers and executive level drivers. Now for, the first time, drivers that need a car for day-to-day business use can opt for cash, allowing them to choose and fund their own vehicle.

However, they will be subject to certain restrictions. For example, the car bought must be under five years old, have less than 100,000 miles on the clock, and cannot be a sports car or a two-seater vehicle.

Keith Abell, contracts manager at Coors Brewers, said: “Effectively we are saying that those people who are eligible can either take a company car or they can take the cash and source their own vehicle.”

The only drivers ineligible for the cash allowance option will be the company’s customer technical service engineers, who require large, secure vehicles to carry and safeguard equipment.

To help ensure health and safety requirements are met, drivers who have opted for the cash allowance will have to undergo driver licence checks and take online driver risk assessment tests.