BT workers lunch in style

And now something for the weekend…

Most employees run out at lunch for a sandwich from the local shop or use the canteen facilities at work, but a couple of BT employees have been spotted making the most of their lunch hour in Saville Row.

BT Openreach engineers Matt Bevan, 49, and Bob Lazurus, 58, unfurled gingham tableclothes along with plates, metal cutlery and even wine glasses to enjoy a hot meal cooked in the back of their BT van on a small gas cooker. 

Bevan told the Daily Mail: “We spend most of our nine-hour day working underground, so it makes us feel a bit more human to clean ourselves up before our lunch break and enjoy a proper meal.”

Apparently, this week’s menu included Thai green curry, spaghetti bolognese and coq au vin.

A statement from BT said: “The three engineers were enjoying their lunch, perhaps with a little more style than usual, as part of their normal lunch break. There was absolutely no impact on their work or productivity.”