Tesco reviews global mobility compliance

Tesco is to work with its advisers to ensure its global mobility programme is still compliant.

Speaking at Employee Benefits Live 2012, Elly Parselle, head of global mobility at Tesco, explained that the retailer started with global mobility in the mid-1990s.

Several years ago it set up a Global Employment Company (GEC), based in Thailand, which is used to employ Tesco expatriates on either a temporary to permanent basis.

“You have to get a lot of people in the business involved: tax, legal and so on. But once it is in place it is relatively simple,” Parselle explained. “And we were able to make savings for UK employees from a social security point of view.”

After three to four years in operation, the programme needs to be reviewed to ensure all elements are still currently compliant.

Tesco might also opt to review the structure. Parselle added: “Whether this structure is going to work for us long term or whether we need to review it is up for discussion.”

Tesco operates in 13 markets across Europe, Asia and North America.

It has 500,000 employees worldwide, of which 5,000 are expatriates. As many as 60% are in Asia, with 40% based in Europe and the US.